Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Call me? Okay, all it takes is a click!

...readers here will almost certainly conclude that I'm a recidivist Google fan boy. I'm hard pressed to deny the charge.

Here's another good reason for me to love Google.

I spend a lot of my day working at my computer with a headset on so that I can meet with people on Skype.

So it made a HUGE difference for me when Google added the ability to call someone's phone directly from Google chat.

If a person gives me a properly formatted phone number in their email (and for Google, properly formatted covers a lot of ground), I can simply click on the number and a chat window appears that is ready for me to place a call to them.  I suppose that even without a headset on, I could simply allow the computer to turn into a speaker phone for me.

No need to sign up for a new service, no need to agree to any more Terms of Service, just a new feature, ready to go.

By the way, in spite of what you've read -- Google's support for privacy is progressive and gives me control over what I want to share with the world. I have actually read the ToS and I'm satisfied with the level of care that Google takes with my personal information.

And just so you know, Google doesn't pay me or feed me. They just keep giving me good stuff and they don't pick my pocket along the way.