Thursday, September 9, 2010

What about Delicious? of the most powerful outcomes of the "social media fabric" or Web 2.0, is the ability for us to share the highlights of our online adventures intelligently.

Before social media, we mostly shared our favorite findings by email with various groups of friends.  The baseline model for this was pretty terrible.  You would find an amusing joke or humorous story on the internet, then you'd send it to a group of your friends who would each then have a copy. Then they would send it to groups of their friends who would get a copy (sometimes not the first). Then those friends would...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping it all together

...I can remember back to the days when I first began to see the possibilities emerge in my first serious computer language. One thing I knew that would be helpful would be a comprehensive system for managing time, appointments, tasks, and workload.

That had me be fascinated with Lotus Organizer (which bundled my contacts and calendar in one place....), then later with Outlook, and now with the suite of services offered by Google with Docs and Gmail.