Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogger and Wordpress

...a number of my friends want to have blogs, some think they do but they really don't and some don't know if they do -- but they would if they did.

It's okay if you made yourself read that sentence more than once. I wrote it more than once.

Anyway, the choice between Blogger and Wordpress is an easy one. Choose one and use it. Doesn't matter which one.  Put in some content, put in a lot of content, try to manage it and see what happens to you.

I was pleased to find that there is an easy method for creating a "fold" or a "Read Me" line in posts that you put on Blogger. The same can be said of Wordpress.  There is abundant support on both platforms for keywords, management of posts, scheduling posts, and more. Both offer ample support for themes, layout control and more.

Probably if you are going to want to do the more complex things in your blog, you may find that Wordpress takes you further.  I found that I was rapidly able to create a lot of posts and populate a blog history stream well.  I was able to queue up a series of posts that will appear on schedule now, and manage the schedule visually.

But Blogger seems to be evolving and may become a favorite child among the multitude of children that live in Google land.

No matter what you do, I think you'll be fine.  You may find that one or the other approach appeals to you and by all means take that path.  For now, I'm maintaining one blog using each one and I'll have a different opinion later on.