Monday, July 27, 2009

Waves with

One strength that Google brought to the changing world is the ability to create classification out of chaos. Rather than rely upon a carefully crafted (and failure-prone) system of classification, Google's strategies stem from finding order in the meta-data derived from the chaos.

Instead of carefully filing each bit of information away according to some personal system of logic, we pile it in a big mass at the center of the room and search it. When a player finally understands this freedom, the game changes.

Or to say it another way, "databases ARE indeed cool, but they're so '90s!"

So we can imagine that the Wave could become a fundamental storage element in a CRM system like And of course, further decomposition of waves into the component blips will yield even more useful "implicit meta-data" that will aid in classification and search. (For instance, the number of times Joe replies in a Wave, or the number of blips created within a time frame might become an interesting criterion. Certainly those facts contain information that supports analysis and matching.)

So perhaps developers who are adept both with development of resources to work with would also benefit from a careful study of Waves.

Just a thought.