Friday, June 26, 2009

Framing video content for online delivery way you will get paid delivering video content in today's environment is to get LOTS of people to look at what you post. You have to make it great, and get lucky for it to work.

You can't do much about the lucky part, so your job is to give Miss Fortune a hand and keep makin' it great! Over and over again.

After you make it great, you have to think about where it will get seen. We're all wrestling over this right now, but the likeliest outcome is that you'll have your online content seen through a channel that also delivers ads.

So we looked at this:

If we postulate that the ad riser over the top of the video is becoming standard, and that it will exist without option in some platforms, then we can simply program for our "sweet spot" to avoid the lower portion of the frame.

There's a responsibility on the part of the media creator to select channels that will not put distracting content into that frame. I say that it's possible they can put attractive information into the panel. As media creators, we simply work above that space.

For a while yet, revenue for programming online will come from advertising. So the thing to do is to resonate with it, find the models that work for the viewer, the media creator, and the advertiser -- all together. Then use those.


The screen shot used in this article is from the Chad Vader series from blame society films. Give 'em a visit soon as you can.