Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Cligs Gone for Good?

...I wrote in a previous article about the use of Cligs as a URL shortener service. What I liked about it was the analysis of click-throughs that a Cligs shortened link receives. What I didn't like was the sluggish response time and the apparent cessation of development on the site.

If the activity on their blog is any indication, the service is running on ghost ship autopilot.

So, more from laziness than from anything else, I've found myself using bit.ly and is.gd.

I use bit.ly when I want to manage the name of the link and have access to the metrics for click-through and response.  I use is.gd when I'm working with TweetDeck because it's the default and I'm often in a hurry.

After looking at the is.gd ethics policy, I'm thinking I might opt for more vigorous use of that service. I appreciate the acknowledgement of responsible operation that their policy presents.

If you don't have the patience to read through all of the material that it would take to find the definitive "best of class," I think you could confidently settle on either of these services.

I'd love to hear about your preferences and experiences with URL shortener services.