Thursday, December 17, 2009

Google and Python and you know what else one of the reasons I've been so quiet lately is that I've been programming and writing a new course. In doing so I learned a lot about myself -- perhaps far more than about the subject material I set out to teach.

It's long been my intention to offer workshops for developers who are interested in working on the new emerging platforms. This means workshops where they get to learn to work with various open-source and open-architecture platforms.

We will, in fact, be doing that with Schoolhouse Earth in the coming year.

One place I've seen a lot of fun space to play (and to thrive) is around the many APIs that Google makes available to link things together. And I notice that for many of them, it pays to develop in Python.

That led me to discover that Python is an elegant and clean language -- free of many architectural embarrasments that cropped up even in Java. Along the way I also got to taste just a bit of the richness that Google offers to developers who are able to master their various APIs.

So I've been quiet, but in that time I got to enjoy building a small online game system, and a small online To Do list manager and implement the first framework for the Schoolhouse Earth bank system. (Brain Bucks are coming folks)

What I can say to developers who are looking to see what they should learn about what's next, I'd say, get hip to the hot platform APIs that are out there now. Learn to master the Twitter, and Google, and Facebook APIs, and you'll be prepared for whatever really happens next. None of us really knows what it is.

What I do know is that I've found a lot of room to build deserving and powerful things out of Python and the Google Apps API.